Welcome to the Java7-fs Wiki

This wiki is dedicated to the usage of the "new" Java file API.

Well, new... It dates back from 2011 already. Even so, it is far from seeing wide use. As an example, most questions related to file I/O on Stack Overflow nowadays still make use of the obsolete (and terminally broken) File .

the JSR for this API is JSR 203.

Using the API

If you want to learn how to use the API, see this page.


The big advantage of this API is that it is not limited to files on your own machine; the defintion of a "filesystem" is large. You can, if an implementation exists, access virtually anything as long as it has a tree structure matching that of a "classic", on-disk filesystem.

A JSR 203 compatible JRE will of course provide a filesystem implementation (this is called the default filesystem); the Oracle JRE also provides an implementation for ZIP files -(therefore you can use it to use such files as FileSystems, and this includes jars, wars, EARs, etc).

See here for a list of other implementations.